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Tullett Prebon Information further improves its position as a wholesale provider of OTC market data with another high quality data set. This new product further reinforces Tullett Prebon Information’s position as distributor of key and diverse energy data products. With an expanding number of sector partners as well the growing brokerage business, alongside our own offerings in these markets, Tullett Prebon Information offers the following additional coverage from SCB Group, one of the largest biofuels brokerage firms.


A growing sector

Concern over energy security and climate change, with the associated increasing regulation is driving rapid growth in the biofuels market. As part of our constant drive to keep our customers ahead of the competition, we have signed a distribution agreement with one of the largest independent biofuels brokerage biofuels brokerage to bring wholesale, interdealer pricing from the heart of the global market to your desk.

This improved transparency will help corporates, banks and trading companies hedge, manage risk and mark-to-market with more confidence than ever before.


The most reliable, independent data

SCB Group is one of the largest independent biofuel brokerage firm by size and volume. Through our agreement, Tullett Prebon Information will deliver reliable, accurate and trusted data that reflects the real market as it happens. Key US, European and Asian data will be delivered in end-of-day reports across the globe.

A wide range of products

  • Asian data
    Crude palm oil
  • US data
    Biofuels, Ethanol, RINS
  • European data
    Non-red Biodiesel, Red Biodiesel, Ethanol
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