Tullett Prebon Information brings you US Treasury Benchmark data from the eSpeed fully executable central limit order book for electronic trading in U.S. Treasuries. It is one of the leading electronic trading platforms for cash U.S. Treasury Securities. The platform delivers specialist, verifiable, real-time Treasury prices direct from the trading system. It offers the highest quality data to allow you to build and test models, assess risk and calculate P&L scenarios with confidence. The system covers:

  • UST Benchmarks

eSpeed market data is offered in real-time, intraday, end-of-day, historical and indicative formats and can be accessed via Tullett Prebon Information’s industry leading SURF feed, or customisable ftp solution.

For market professionals eSpeed data also becomes a key component of Tullett Prebon Information’s premium desktop product SwapMarker™.


SwapMarker provides premium real-time capital markets data from Tullett Prebon’s award winning broking desks. SwapMarker is the original swap pricing service - it has been the benchmark for over 15 years.

SwapMarker provides coverage on more currencies, swap classes and maturities than any other service - the definitive reference.

You choose what you need; we will deliver to suit your operational requirements.